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Check-In and Pricing at Eliza Cattery

Check in At Eliza CatteryCheckin at Eliza Cattery

Check in starts at home

1. Prepare your cats suitcase. This includes any bedding or toys you choose to bring, any food (if you’d like your cat on the same diet as at home or if they are on a special diet), and perhaps a small item of your clothing, as familiar smells are always a
comfort in a new environment. Don't forget to label items that are being brought in
so that they can be returned to you.

2. Pack your cats vaccination certificate.Your vaccination certificate needs to show us that your cat has been vaccinated in the past 12 months, as this is a requirement of all Victorian catteries.

3. Make a list outlining your cat’s habits, dietary and medication needs, vets contact details and emergency contact details, etc. it will help us keep track of everything
that’s required each time you board with us.

4. No dilly-dallying. It’s best that your cat is out of the car, and into the cattery as
quickly as possible to begin the settling in process. Make sure you bring your cat
into the cattery in a secure carrier, for everyone's safety.



We require all cats to have a current vaccination certificate,up to date evidence must be provided upon addmission otherwise we will be unable to accept your cat into the cattery,this is a requirement of all Victorian catteries.

We require all guests to be free of fleas and other parasites while staying with us and ask that clients administer Advantage Frontline approximatly one week before arrival.


* $19.00 per cat per day

* Shared pens first cat $19 second cat $17 total $36 per day

* Any additional cats are as follows third cat $15 fourth cat $10

* Additional cats charged at $15.00 per day for third and $10 for fourth cat.(Prices for multiple cats refer to shared enclosures)

* Eliza Cattery charges per day or part thereof.

* Day of departure is not charged if collection is made before 12pm.

* For stays in excess of 13 days a deposit of 50% of the total is required upon drop-off

* Open-ended bookings will not receive long-term discount

* And 10% discount is reduced from balance if you provide your own food

* Payment can be made by Cash,Eptpos or credit card however a surcharge of 2% will apply to all credit card transactions

* Cheques will only be accepted by prior arrangement

* All charges are inclusive of 10% GST

* Prices are subject to change without notice